Switch it to the city

They say you can take the boy out of the country but can’t take the country out of the boy…I don’t know about that!

So I am a school teacher, most of you already know that and next year I’m teaching in the big smoke!

I currently live in a small country town, the kind of town that has an annual agricultural show. The kind of town that when you walked into the local for the first time to buy a pint they knew your name, your eye colour, the size of your shoes and exactly where you lived! There was no chance the entire population didn’t know there was a new teacher in town! This made things easy, I felt welcomed and taking my place in the bar soon became a weekly event on Friday nights!

I do like this place, it seems to be the only place in the country where we can still grow lush green grass, where a week out from summer it feels like the middle of winter and I also have access to a beautiful beach within nine minutes from my house! Why would you leave you ask? Seriously, I’ve been asking myself the same thing for weeks now. But I do know why…I’m drawn in by the bright lights of the city, access to real coffee and the potential to go window shopping at Louis Vuitton whenever I want and get there by Uber!

It was only last year that I went through big change! After five years of working in a school, I left and took myself to the rolling pastures of the South West of Victoria. It’s almost been twelve months and I’m doing it all again. Yep, I’m outta here! Not because I hate it, but because I need more! Im finally teaching the year level I want, I have a really cool apartment to live in. To make it even better, I get to live with one of my best mates!

We do these things to keep it interesting!

Melbourne has so much to offer. Great beverage venues. Amazing food options. Entertainment, shopping…the vibe! These are the things I’m looking forward to:

  • Ordering Uber Eats to my house at least twice a week…who am I kidding, this will probably happen daily!
  • Going to the gym…long pause…cue hysterical laughter!
  • Buying daily coffee…yeah, there is no point not doing this, I only bought a Nespresso machine this year because the lack of coffee where I live now pretty much belts you in the face as soon as you arrive!
  • Going to hip, chic and cool bars
  • Shopping at Chaddy!
  • Taking many insta selfies all around the place, just to let everyone know I live in #Melbourne
  • Roof top parties! My building has a fully sick rooftop area! Grand views of the city! Don’t stress residents, I wont party too hard!
  • Dumplings…nothing more to say here!
  • The Emporium food court! Oh…my…goodness! so much good food here!
  • Reconnecting with old Melbourne mates! If they still like me?
  • Taking photos of my food and posting it to Instagram and Facebook!
  • Daily visits to H&M just to see if there’s anything new!
  • Koko Black! 

2019 is gonna be a good year, I can tell already! I will keep you posted, you can follow all my future adventures, I totally anticipate it will be like our old fave ‘The Secret Life of Us’ but hopefully less dramatic and just fun!

Stay tuned!