2017…another one gone!

Holy crap! Another year over as they say!

It’s at times like these you reflect on where you’ve been, what you’ve done and where to next! 2017 was a good year for me, I did some travel stuff, made some new mates and jumped into an online travel web series project.

The Expeditionists crew

Bring in The Expeditionists! A project that id talked about with my mate Jo (pink dreadlocks) in its infancy so many years ago, not knowing exactly how it would turn out. We decided last New Years to organise this trip and bring in some of her mates and actually make it happen! So we did!

It was an awesome three weeks of camping and self drive fun across both islands of New Zealand, filming the fun along the way. It’s something I found challenging to go into a group of people where basically I only knew one of them, Jo! The others grew on me incredibly fast and the entire journey was so much fun!

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

Back on home soil, in 2017 I was still teaching at my first school, I had made the decision to cut the cord and leave! #wtf! I’d found a new job, closer to home, closer to mum’s cooking and on another plus I get to live with my brother, so no more solo weekends binging on Netflix…although I’m sure I’ll stay addicted to steaming services with housemates or no housemates!

My new job also brings me back in contact with an old colleague and friend, I get to teach in the classroom next door to her in a school that has 5 classrooms and about 130 or so kids! Oh…my…f***ing…god! So quiet and calm! Or that’s the impression I get now anyway!

Leaving a job means you leave great people and that was the hardest part! The town, I’m sorry to say I wasn’t that attached to, but it’s the people! They kept me grounded, kept me sane and made me laugh! I never want to loose touch with them, so I won’t!

I love the fact that this New Years I’m spending it with a friend, Chuckie…we ended 2016 together at a house party in London and now we are ringing in the new year in Port Macquarie, Australia!

Cheers to a great year ’17 and here’s to the next!

Bring on 2018!!

You can check out The Expeditionists at www.wearetheexpeditionists.com