Premium Economy – Air NZ

So…I might have splurged a little and booked myself a Premium Economy seat with Air NZ for my upcoming trip to London. We fly via LA! I cant help wish I was stopping in LA for a few days, I am yet to visit any part of the USA.

The seat that ill be travelling in is called the ‘Space Seat’ and it looks pretty good! I was interested to find out that in November this year….I think…Air NZ will be replacing the Space Seat on their fleet in order to install a more general seat that possibly doesn’t take up as much space in the cabin?

Anyway, ill be experiencing the last of the Space Seat on this trip, I promise ill take some snaps and give you all a review of the Air NZ service! For any Australians flying to the USA or via the USA you need to ensure you have filled out and paid for your ESTA. Carriers with passengers who haven’t done this will not let you board!

Premium Economy

Photo Credit: Photo from via Air NZ