20 Days until London


The countdown is on again!

This year has been super busy work wise for me, finding my feet in a new role of my teaching career! Its been positive so far!! I always look forward to travel opportunities and this year is set to be packed with travel!!

In 20 days, ill be flying off to London via LA for two weeks! This time, I am spending the whole time in London! I cant wait to just immerse myself in a city that I love so much! It has been a nervous week or so, knowing that terror struck London in a big way! I posted on my social media the other day that people in my closest circles have been worried about me going!

Im still going to London! If I don’t, isn’t that just giving in to what these people want? I heard an Australian victim of the attack comment in an interview that she doesn’t see these guys as ‘Terrorists’ she sees them as three murderers! And thats all they are! I want to stand in solidarity with London the city and also my beautiful friends that live there. They live their lives every day probably wondering whats next!

In short…I’m excited to go, but nervous too, I think I always get nervous when I travel! Im excited about something else as well, a project I’m working on! Details of this project will be announced very soon!

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Photo from Canva