Stotty and Cambodia: Coming Soon!


Introducing ‘Stotty’

I want to introduce you all to someone who I admire very much! Someone who made a massive change in his life in order to help others much less fortunate! I used to live with this guy! He is a fellow educator and a man who I think has given more than his fair share! He left his life in Australia and moved himself across to Cambodia. A move so bold it probably had many in his circle thinking ‘what the f*** is he doing that for?’

His initial project came into fruition and once it was there and running…he eventually moved on to other things. This was all of nearly ten years ago now! He is one of my good friends who lives an expatriate life. I see him once every now and again when he is able to come home to Australia for a visit! One day ill make it over there to see him, or at least I hope I do! I want to introduce him simply as Stotty! A traveller, a teacher but most importantly a friend.

Ive asked Stotty to share his story through my Blog and like the legend he is, he said yes! So stay tuned for what I can only imagine is going to be an incredible insight into what its like to live in Cambodia.


Both photos courtesy of Les Stott