Back for 2016!

It has been a while since the last time I wrote for this blog! The reason…life is busy!! I recently discovered a town not too far from where I live that has a river and some watering holes that fit the bill for what I consider an appropriate establishment! My friend Lauren and I have been frequenting this riverside town for months now, thus the reason my Blog time has been limited! Ive reaquainted myself with the glass tumbler and ample shots of tequila! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t over drink, but the party lifestyle I thought Id left behind in my uni town…came back!

The idea of this blog, is to recount my travel adventures and I plan on stabbing it in the leg with a huge shot of adrenaline to wake it from its slumber! Yes…I took my mother on a trip of the UK last year and it was amazing, but I made an epic failure to actually document it! In January of this year I went back to Europe and found myself in the German capital on New Years Eve! The citizens of Berlin really do know how to throw a new year bash! From fireworks to literally pegging empty bottles into the gutter from their apartment windows…it was a new year ring in ill never forget!

Specifically…that moment where I lit a rocket up in the park near my accommodation with some fellow Australians!  I had placed it in an empty beer bottle…watching it explode up into the air and ram itself right into someones apartment window! My face…like a slapped arse said it all… I was scared for a moment, until the local man standing all but a metre away, shot his arms up in true new year spirit and cheered! I cheered back and lit another! Happy New Year!!

Then there was the pub crawl, getting free drinks as we entered each club along the way, strobe lights, doof doof and being so tired that we got off the train at the wrong station! Waiting for the next train in the early hours of the morning whilst feeling slightly uncomfortable standing next to a man who fully resembled the guy from Eurotrip in the train tunnels! Miscuse!!

Its these moments that I wish I had remembered id started a travel blog, Id be able to recall more details of what actually went down! My next adventure is set to fall in July of 2016. At this stage Im bound for London again, to catch up with my friend Jo!

The possibilities of where we might end up are endless…