Three weeks ago, I landed back in Melbourne…weary and jet lagged but with memories that will last forever! I had just done 5 and half weeks of Europe travel with one of the most important people in my life…my mum! She had never left the sandy shores of Australia and this trip was going to be the trip that bit her with the bug, and I’m 99.9% sure she got bitten!

We landed in Rome, after a long haul flight from Melbourne, which included a leg from Dubai to Rome, complete with a crazy psycho yelling guy who was drunk and punched the walls of the aircraft! He had spilled orange juice on himself and went on a rant that spanned a good thirty minutes. He provided some entertainment come landing time, where he was escorted by two plain clothes detectives and some uniform police! Passport control in Rome was a little ridiculous! they waved us through without stamping in our passports…lazy much?

We spent five days total, exploring the city, first off taking in the amazing colosseum with a private guide, he was incredible! I learned things I never knew and came away with a whole newfound respect for Roman culture and their incredible knowledge! We shopped the Via Del Corso and had amazing dinners in lane ways just off the Pantheon!

Rome has such charm and I want to go back as many times as I can, I love the italian people and their food is the best!

I have more specific stories from Rome, of which I will share very soon! I am just so damn busy with my life right now!

Check this space for more in the coming weeks!