The Introduction


I am Wilton, I’m a 27 year old Australian guy who has a severe addiction to travel! Most of my friends aren’t surprised when I tell them I am off on another trip! I am also a Primary Teacher and I teach a crew of 25 grade 2 students. Since 2008, I have been an avid lover of travel! I have camped my way across Europe, shopped in Hong Kong and done many pub crawls across the UK and Ireland as well as taught English in Sweden! My list of must see destinations grows every day and within the next few years I am hoping to get across to mainland China, the USA and Japan!

This year (2014) I will be heading off to Rome, Paris and pretty much the entire UK and Ireland with my mum! its her first trip!! In December, I am heading to Berlin for New Years and then I will make my way to Amsterdam, The Rhine Valley, Innsbruck, Venice, Rome, Florence and Paris on a Contiki coach before staying a while in London with friends! While I am looking forward to these trips that I already have booked, I have fallen hard for Croatia! I am so keen to jump on a sail boat and sail my way up the Dalmatian coast for a week or two!

This blog is my first and it will be where I will post about my experiences overseas, if not just for myself but for family, friends and whoever is interested!


“The first condition of understanding a foreign country is to smell it.” – Rudyard Kipling



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